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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 27, 2016 11:35pm-12:05am MST

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and i'd like you around when i do. and if you tell anyone what i'm about to say, there's gonna be another shooting, but... i've gotten used to you pulling my pigtails. i have a hard job, castle, and having you around makes it a little more fun. ...hears before i disappear your secret's safe with me. ear give me something to echo in my unknown future's ear my dear the end comes near i'm here
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>> a crew braves boiling hot lava to rappel into an africa volcano. why it takes some kind of guts to get these kind of shocks. a woman who's nearly blind has -- >> just been able to see her family and her grandchildren. >> the simple phone innovation that's a game changer. it's a close call that could have been. why it didn't bother mr. cool one bit. and telling guys -- >> they have small feet. >> the prank that proves size does matter.
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wearing super-big shoes. >> this video was beautifully captured by one of our favorites, jeff mackley. these guys were rappelling down into the crater in the democrat ik re pub democratic republic of congo. you see the absolutely beautiful lava lake that is down below. it's boiling. the surface is cracked so you can see the fiery red in between the cracks. the burning lava, it's amazing. >> i want to pitch right on that edge. right where that guy is standing. it's probably deadly. i can just mansion imagine the sunset and the glow from below. >> there's a lot of sulfuric
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there. one, it's not going to smell good, two, it's probably not healthy. >> it just shows how earth is this living, moving, changing thing. even though we're all here together and it seems stationary, this just shows that the planet is still changing. >> the volcano is believed to be active since the late 1800s. they don't know exactly how long, but it doesn't matter. all you have to do is go there and admire how beautiful it is. >> you guys are about to witness a miracle in six steps. the videos from brazil. right there, you see a man, a taxi driver, he's washing the car. >> holy cow! >> he said he heard the collision between two cars at an intersection. >> wow, that couldn't have been any closer. >> he said he could feel the
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him. >> cool, calm and collected afterward. >> yeah. >> nobody was injured in this. >> the bad thing is not able to get out. >> the rest of your screen and this video. a bus a a bridge. watch what happens. oh, did you forget you're driving one that big? >> a tourist bus hit that rig. a driver and another car who witnessed this incident said he saw that bridge, saw the bus and honked the hornment he thought . he thought the driver would slow
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>> is there a clear sign? i really don't know what more you can do. >> i guarantee there's a sticker in the bus that tells you how high the bus is. this isn't the first time something has happened at that bridge. so people are saying that victoria road needs to do something about the signage. however, they say this is a result of the driver error. >> sometimes you've just got to hope people are smart enough to know! no one was seriously injured. 11 of them had to be hospitalized. but could they continue the tour in this convertible style bus? >> well, with 11 people in the hospital -- >> probably not. >> for me, this video is a
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itybity moment that you have. >> this is lonnie. she's had star bars disease for the last ten years and she hasn't seen people or things in the last eight. and she's just been able to see her family and her grandchildren for the very first time. >> her husband, mike, posted this video to youtube. and i appreciate her doing it. something as simple as playing games or reading a book. >> it's called a nearsighted augmented aid. it connects to your android
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it's an application on the phone and you connect the goggles and put it on your face and there you have it. >> it's hard to believe that all of this is happening on the cell phone. even better than that, the app. it's free. >> that's what technology is all about. sometimes we complain about technology, but it's this kind of stuff. it's so outside the box and creates a miracle. >> this arsonist is melbourne took that a bit too literally because the flames burst to life life. oh, and the fire quickly takes hold, as well. this is the cafe, like 2:30 in the morning. now, the fire did take hold and upstairs made a very lucky
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this is why they tweeted in melbourne looking for this guy. why would somebody want to target a cafe? any idea what would make this guy target this place? >> there was no information in the article that i found, but i guess speculation could be some sort of insurance job or something along those lines. >> do they even have a concept that there's an apartment above. >> i guess i just can't wrap my head around this kind of random violence. >> now, police in brazil are also looking for a criminal. >> there's a small chance someone between the ages of four and six. now, this is where it gets interesting. you see the guy inside speculating. his father pulls out a rather nice chain saw, messing around with it, checking it out. people are distracting him while outside, the young girl is now
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very expensive chain saw outside to the bike. once he gets outside now he moves it over to the side, gets on the bike. >> now, that easterble. they're probably like here, honey, take this outside. >> and the child is so nent having no idea what they're doing is wrong. >> while aaron is away, his animals will party. . >> see why these cool cats clearly know how to have a good time. >> and, you think you've seen it all? think again. >> this is an emmy traditional bungi jump. >> why this jump will get you hooked. ve garden's lunch duos menu paired with your choice of unlimited soup or salad starting at just $6.99 think of it as a quesadilla that speaks fluent italian
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vrjts we've seen so many jumping videos on this show, why would i show you another one? >> oh, dude. >> literally ice cold. >> yeah. >> literally ice cold water. that's not the only reason i'm showing you this. watch as they start bringing them back down and realize this isn't any traditional bungi jump. >> she is suspended from the skin on her back and then just let to fall into the water which is part of this organized jump. >> just think of that?
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bunji jumping is not enough. i need to be suspended by my skin into icy water with a bikini on. >> let's just go the whole way and light her on fire. >> two fishermen out in bulgaria also are voluntarily jumping into this icy cold water. they've been out ice fishing all day and now it's time to go back. but it turns out they kind of got stuck. and the only way to get to the right side of the shore is to actually jump into the water and run all the way across. >> so what did you catch today? >> hypothermia. >> yeah and i never saw any fish. so you may actually be right. >> a couple of these guys seem to be prepared with the big, heavy suits. but who's the guy in the beginning? >> the guy who's basically wearing some underwear. >> maybe he didn't want to get his clothes wet. >> pets. what are they up to during the
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well, aaron left some cameras in the house to find out what his animals were up to. another edition of aaron's animals and we're all going to be begging for an invite. >> and you got the d.j. >> all right. that's the sound of a true party right there. i love how there's a longer line for the woman's kitty litter. >> as you can see, the party was a real rave. >> the party is not fun if nothing gets broken.
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>> hey, what's up? >> this video was sponsored by truthorg. smoking is not only hazardous for smokers, it's dangerous for family members living in the house and their pets. >> time to learn some martial art frs a couple of ninjas. one of those ninjas is about to demonstrate a pretty epic choke hold. interrupted by special guest, popeye. >> no, way, i love popeye. did he bring some spinach for everybody? >> oh, this is the best kind of attack. it's a nerve attack. >> they are really sinking in. he has been away for six months at this point.
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time when you're that age, you grow a lot in six months. so really big moments. >> happy tears? happy tears? >> and in this second video, we're at school. this adorable girl has a big heart. you can tell, all over her shirt and about to come pouring out of her chest as well. look at the grin on her face. she knows it's a surprise. what is it? what is it? what is it? >> daddy. >> >> the navy has shipped in. >> there are people all across the country very happy about that. thank you very much to our sailors. >> let's get ready for some adrenaline. it's one of the first things they try to do when they get a dirt bike. but his wheelly wasn't the best plan.
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babies come from lambs. >> oh, dr. doolittle here. >> this is a lamb in labor about to deliver its little, tiny, baby lamb. >> does she have her hand helping? >> well, yeah. for the most part, ewes can take care of the birthing process themselves. every once in a while, you do need to get involved. this three-year-old girl decided she was going to help this lamb deliver that little baby. >> at three years old, it's her second lambing. mom is guiding her through the entire process and she really has to reach in and grab the legs of this baby lamb. it needs help, so i'm going to
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she's not doing this as a sport. she's not doing this for fun. >> mom is guiding her through this situation. >> and it's a way of life. >> got it. >> she finally finds the legs, grabs it, anchors herself and is able to pull the legs out. check her out. watch her go. >> i feel like i'm in junior high. i feel like i should be breathing. >> once the head is out, the little girl grabs the legs and keeps pulling and pulling until the entire thing is out. it's alive. it's moving. >> i've got it. >> yeah. >> i'm super proud. there are kids that won't eat certain vegetables. >> motorcycles have been putting a smile on my face for many different reasons, including reasons like this. this kid looks like he may have
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driveway. one of the first things kids try to do when they get their dirt bikes? wheellies. >> that kid should get a helmet. >> that would be correct. >> no, no, no. he almost collected, but didn't quite hang on. small little crunch and -- >> is this the older brother or the dad behind the camera? >> probably the older brother. >> now, going through waterer on a motorcycle, offroad bike like this, that's what they're designed to do. >> oh, no. >> he goes in. doesn't seem to commit right isle way. obviously doesn't see the big hole or boulder, he stops immediately, the back end comes up and over and knocks him in
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out. boom. >> does size really matter?
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lelessss i isnsn't't m morore.e. lelessss i is s dudullll.. bubut t momorere...... fifindnd f fanantatasysy s shohowsws.. momorere i is s amamazazining.g. momorere s sayays s "l"likike e ththatat?? geget t a a loloadad o of f ththisis."." didig g ththririllllerers?s? heherere's's a a w whoholele ththririllll r ridide.e. loloveve r romomanancece? ? geget t lolostst i inn eveverery y emembrbracace.e. inintoto s spoportrts?s? fofollllowow e eveveryry p pititchch, , evevereryy
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cacaususe e whwhenen i it t cocomemes s toto t thehe ththiningsgs y youou l lovove,e, yoyou u wawantnt m morore e ofof i it.t. chchanangege t thehe w wayay yoyou u exexpeperirienencece t tvv
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that's impressive, too, instead of dumping out a bag of frozen stuff. it's the age-old question. does size matter? >> to be honest, yes. >> and it's proved. guys have small feet. >> i also notice he's wearing very large-sized shoes. i'm sure he picked up a pair that's maybe three times his size. >> some of these guys don't notice that. >> he doesn't even take time to look down at his feet. >> you've got to be totally
12:05 am
these are not my real shoes. >> i'm fine. me, myself. i'm going to get another tattoo. >> 12 1/2? >> 12 1/2, homey. >> you've got some really small feet. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> okay. >> is that funny to you? or what? >> these are my real shoes, actually. >> well, i'm not a joke, bro. >> some people take it so seriously. >> the girl is immediately like oh, no, here we go again. >> i'm sorry. i was just doing random people. >> well, i'm not a random person. >> all right, tough guy. >> you've got a little [expletive], huh? >> those are fighting words right there? >> no, [expletive]. >> [expletive]. >> what size you wear, bro?


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